Artist's Review

      I realize now the necessity for doing detailed painting before trying spontaneous; the detailed allows us to become familiar with the shapes and shadows so we can possibly have success in capturing the shape in a few brush strokes but also knowing where to emphasize pressure on the brush to produce shadows which give it dimension.  I don't know how successful I'll be without your instruction. I appreciate all your efforts to enable me to create something of beauty.  Thank you.   

                                                                                   Barbara  June 2015

    I liked how you ran your class with a demonstration and then giving students time to try their hand at it.I liked your interaction with each student, your personal attention. I value your opinion of work in progress and felt comfortable asking questions and for guidance. I liked it that you showed us and can tell us what is the traditional way, while encouraging us to feel free to develop a personal style, perhaps combining both. Also, I liked that you were able to offer brushes, paper, etc. for purchase so that we could learn about good painting materials. And lastly, I enjoyed your scones and tea, of course.

                                                                                        Leslie  June 2015

 Vivien, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful day yesterday.  I enjoyed every minute of it.   

                                                                                          Vicki  April 2015

    Thank you Vivien for teaching the Chinese brush painting workshop.  I enjoyed learning about this painting method and trying out the traditional detail Chinese painting with the papers and brushes that we used.   I think that there were many techniques that I can use in whatever type of watercolor painting I do.  The use of ink is such a good exercise in the importance of values in painting and I am anxious to apply color to the ink drawing that we did.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise it was inspirational.   

                                                                                          Gayle March 2015


    Six of us met to learn more about Chinese Brush painting from Vivien WuShuan Burns, whose painting won first place in our spring show. It shows graceful swirls of soft color, with some objects in focus and others blended into the background. But we didn't quite make it to that level! Vivien had prepared felt mats to work on so that paint wouldn't leech out from the thin papers we used with Chinese ink. (Traditionalists grind from ink stones, but there is readymade ink that we also used, and only a drop is needed.) She had brushes available to borrow or buy that held strong points, unlike the "tourist stuff" that several of us had brought along. Hers were from Taiwan. With a break for lunch, we learned how to hold a brush, how to draw lines, and finally, how to apply just a bit of color and shading from a reduced palette. Vivian paints with joy and enthusiasm, and plans to offer several classes in her home. In China, no one is an artist until the master painter declares that it's so, probably after years of study. In Austin, we students see great room for improvement in our skills! A fine time was had by all.

                                                                                             Eileen  March 2015

    Vivien Burns held a Chinese Brush Painting workshop in her home.  Her paintings are exhibited throughout her house and were a joy to see.  Also, she was chosen by Nicholas Simmons as the best of show for the spring exhibit.  The workshop was a lot of fun, concentrating on how to use Chinese painting brushes and painting a classical flower.  We all copies a picture that Vivien provided and watched her demo how to delicately use inks and color.

                                                                                           Michele March 2015