Chinese Brush Painting and Oriental watercolor by Vivien WuShuan Burns


My passion for Chinese Brush painting started when I was a young girl. I love the method of mental preparation before touching ink to paper. Patient grinding of ink stick against stone, gazing into black liquid while meditating on yet to be revealed forms; moving brushes on delicate rice paper keeps the mind still. Scribing calligraphic poetry seals the meditation. 

The process of creation in Chinese Brush painting is wonderfully pleasant; it is an incredible healing art form. I love to paint moon, water, and mist veiled life that resides there. Especially, small creatures that lay beneath places we normally do not focus attention. They enjoy the nature with all intent without disturbing her flow. They are the true spirits of joy. 

I extended my passion for this medium into a mixed realm, adding western watercolor and acrylics to create paintings with soothing moods, healing and romantic. I hope that my paintings open a window for others to a world that is beautiful and peaceful; that can heal sadness and bring joys.